Cell phone problem testing Guide


Problem Solver is here to find/trace about cell phone problem. Cell phone is used as a communication and multimedia device. Very popular in these day. Everyone have a cell phone access. For the banking and calculation it is very popular. By brand name there are many types of cell phones are available. It is the electronics device and may have harm. I want guide today for testing a cell phone problem before buying/replacing or repairing.

Cell phone problem testing Guide

Cell phone problem testing Guide.

Very Common Issues of cell phone.

Here we are going to discuss about cell phone problems. Before buying or receiving on lab. Some tests are required from the customer. Ask for the any fault if he/she know about her cell phone. Many time it may help to find and trace the problem. Some time user should not talk about her cell phone problems. We can test by troubleshoot with steps. On the lab it is very help full. Any way before go to next level of this reading. I want share with you. Be careful, When you are buying or replacing your cell phone with old cell phone. Here are the common issues:

Signal problem.

Cellular company logo is appeared on display but in the signal bar. There are no signal or weak signal strength. User can not connect the call or droped signals may have cut the voice during call. If the signals are dropped. This may have a problem of antenna. In condition of no signal. The signal chip, Signal chip to antenna connections are missing/damaged. This is a fault and at a risk.

Sim problem.

From the sim tray/jacket every cell phone required a sim. With the size of mini sim, micro sim or full sims are available. Sim is the basically chip from the cellular company for a connectivity. Every sim have a seperate account with a packages. We can benefit at connectivity after sim is inserted in the cell phone and working perfectly. Many time i see on my lab. The wrong way of input the sim chip into tray. There are missing/broken points are the major cause for insert sim, No sim.

To find and trace it on the chip board of cell phone. There are sim controller chip or sim tray is the major cause of this problem. To fix this issue find and trace by cell phone brand name online. There are many solution available on the fixphoneonline.com.

Charging problem.

Fully rechargeable battery required. Proper charging from the resource. If the cell phone did not connect or show the battery charging bar on the display. That is the charging problem. Some time battery bar animation show perfectly. Charger is connected and cell phone charging is working. At the end there is no storage current on the battery bar.

Please read this post to fix and find the bad connect or battery empty problem in many cell phones. Link for http://www.fixphoneonline.com/fix-issue-fake-charging-every-cell-phone/ 

Cell phone is shorted.

With out of any load cell phone battery is draining. That mean the problem with battery or cell phone is shorted. To conform this fault. At the lab supply is required. Attach the battery terminal with external power supply. Without pressing the on/off switch. If there on the supply display any polarity or the current have bees seen. That cell phone is shorted and at the risk. Some time after few hours batter is empty. First conform battery condition is ok. Then the problem with cell phone motherboard will occurred. Cell phone may used a battery current in the ideal use of cell phone very high. In condition of this problem battery should go to level of pregnant.  So avoid to buy or replace in this situation.

Cell phone is slow on software.

There in the cell phone may be the low speed of ram is the major cause of it. But in many times i see a faulty software or virus is the major cause of this issue. To speed up the the phone user can install antivirus or anti malware software to protect cell phone against virus. Remove unused apps from the cell phone and try to reset your cell phone. Warning, factory reset command may have lose your cell phone data. For finding this guide please visit the link http://www.fixphoneonline.com/category/hard-reset/

Display problem.

Durty, Scrambled or broken display problem is at risk. User could not fix this issue at home. Some time black or white display have a fix from lights or missing display connections. Broken display or touch panel should not be repair. That are only replaced with new or another working parts.

Voice input and output section.

From this section, User can hear a sound and send there voice to other cell phone. For the multimedia and hearing a caller voice. There will be clear quality is important. If the faulty voice in any part of cell phone is coming. That mean speaker or ringer is faulted. Some time there is no voice. This may have the issue with sound stage or ringer/speaker. If your voice did not reach to other cell phone. That issue is related to mic. Some cell phone have a multi mic and some have a digital mic. To test the mic problem you can use a hands free.

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