Fix fast Samsung J7 charging issue


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Top reason behind the problem occurred in Samsung J7 charging.

By the countdown, First thing is first. There are on the motherboard of cell phone. The USB mouth is open in casing. The carbon or water should damaged it or broken links are big reason behind it. Some time from the baby mouth the water should fall inside the connector. So avoid your cell phone to give your children. Always use the original charger and clean the USB jack both from charger and holder side. With the needle. Problem not solved go the repairing lab for fix this issue.

Fix fast j7 charging issue at lab.

Open the cell phone carefully. Go to the USB connector. The check the charging volts on the connector inside at PCB. The volts are nothing. Change the jack. Before connect the charger please confirm that charger is working well. The other turn is at change the connector.

Samsung G-531-F USB-C Sync & Charging problem

Keep in mind.

Change the connect only in condition of if there is no volts on the PCB side. To conform, Please attach the direct 4.2 volts supply at the inside of Charging in points. See if volts are ok but no response from the charging stage. That mean, missing links or faulty charging chip. If the points are missing from the USB connector to PCB charging in points. You can make a jumper with jumper wire directly one point to another point.

Fix via diagram j7 charging issue.

Image below here may help to you. For the fast tracing missing lines and making a jumper directly with jumper wire. Avoid to make all jumper without checking one by one. For the batter way of jumpering. Please use the right tools with good quality jumper wire. Some time weak or low quality jumper wire may have burn. Because on this stage. Volts with the rating of 4.2 volts and 2 amp. The jumper wire may have harm/burn. Use the right core of wire for jumpering.

Fix fast Samsung J7 charging issue

Fix fast Samsung J7 charging issue.

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