Fix the issue of fake charging in every cell phone



Hi there! today i am going to tell you all about,”Fix the issue of fake charging in every cell phone” with article. There are many brands available in the market today’s. Every cell phone have a battery for the operating any where. The chargeable battery required proper charging after discharged. In most common many times the issue of fake charging will comes from many reasons. User could not charge if the charging issue comes in there cell phone.

 fake charging in every cell phone

Before going forward for fixing the issue of fake charging. I want inform you all about charging issues. There in cell phone you should faced these problems.

  • Fake charging (Battery empty)
  • Warning (Bad connect charger)
  • Error (Not charging)
  • Error (No response)

Fake charging (Battery empty)

There will be a no cells information on the bar after all night charging. That mean the charging volts are missing but the charging connection is working. Basically when we inject the charger pin to a cell phone charging base. There are two functions. One for the battery bar animation and other for the switch power to the battery terminal. As soon as the battery charging thermal drop down level. The charging volts may have down. At the fully charged battery. That will be cut from the charging slot.

In many causes i see the drop volts at the battery terminal. That should not supply the proper current to the battery. Battery is empty after all night charging. To fix this issue please insert the diode with following.


diagram for fake charging problem.

Trouble shooting guide.

To combine tracing if above diagram may have not help you. Let we see another ways for solve the issue of fake charging. First thing first, Change the battery charging base and use the good quality charger. Charger with 2 amp is required. If cell phone is android please use original charger. You can connect a charging by using your USB data cable via laptop or desktop PC.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 Charging Problem Solution

Warning Bad Connect Charger.

In the Cell phone if the BSI volts at battery connector is drooped. This error should shown during connect a charger. There are faulty charging chip or missing center point of battery connector is the major cause of this issue. To fix it please change the battery or chip and find the missing place. After tracing the missing point make a jumper.

You can also fix the fake charging issue. By changing or cleaning the battery connector, charging base, Charger, Battery and inserting a zinner diode. I hope you have a lucky day. For more inquire please mail us or comments. To alive us please share with friends and login to connect our newsletter.

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