Fix Microphone Problem In NOKIA LUMIA 925


Microphone and Speakers are most important part in cell phone for calling and recording. If one of them damage we can’t we can’t make and receive calls. Because microphone send our voice and speaker receive the voice. If other person don’t listen your voice during call then this is microphone problem. Also we can’t record any thing in case of faulty microphone. Some time this problem solved by restarting the device because if this fault creates due to bug in mobile software. But there are less chances that responsible for this. Mostly this fault occur due to faulty mic or microphone short due to water damage or some moisture  on motherboard. Hare are some methods to solve microphone problem in NOKIA LUMIA 925 cellphones.

How To Fix Mic Problem In NOKIA LUMIA 925 Smartphone

  1. First confirm that Microphone hole on mobile body open or clean mic hole with needle carefully.
  2. Make sure mobile charging port is clean and there is no moisture or dirt or clean USB charging port.
  3. If problem not solved then hundred percent microphone dead on mobile motherboard and need to be replaced with new one.
  4. Disassemble your NOKIA LUMIA 925 cellphone and check mobile motherboard carefully.
  5. Clean mobile motherboard with Electronics cleaner and apply normal heat to dry it.
  6. Then check Microphone points on mobile circuit if they gives continuity then change microphone.
  7. In NOKIA LUMIA 925 microphone not sold with motherboard.
  8. You can change NOKIA LUMIA 925 microphone flex cable available on market.
  9. NOKIA LUMIA 925 microphone flex cable also available on Ebay Store. flex microphone flex cable and change to solve microphone problem.For more information leave comment below, we will provide best solution as soon as possible. Take your smartphone to any nearest Cellphone Service center for repair microphone problem. Hardware diagram will be updated soon.

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