Samsung Galaxy S5 Not charging problem may occur due to many reasons like faulty charger, bad battery, water damage, and bad charging port. Here we will discus about not charging or Yellow Triangle Mark on Samsung Galaxy S5 screen. Yellow Triangle mark appear on screen when we want to charge our Samsung S5 cellphone. When this mark appear mobile Won’t charge and not power on when battery completely discharge. We can solve this issue by checkingĀ current condition of the mobile.

  1. Open mobile back cover remove battery and insert again, also check battery points and battery connector or clean it with electronics cleaner.
  2. Change mobile charger or check charging pin of old charger.
  3. Check mobile charging port or USB charging port for dust or liquid and wash with electronics cleaner.
  4. disassemble mobile and check mobile motherboard carefully if you have find some thing wrong like liquid or some thing like carbon clean motherboard and apply normal heat to dry motherboard.
  5. Clean USB charging port with cleaner and check all points carefully if any point damage or short change charging connector.
  6. Still problem not solved then change USB Flex Cable. Flex is easily available in market.



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