iPhone 5 Microphone Not Working Problem


Many people have microphone problem not working not picking up their voice clearly. When we try to record voice notes in app voice not record clearly or others not able to listen voice during calls. There are many causes for this problem. If voice microphone not working on any app then check app permission to use microphone. If microphone work during call properly but not work with a specific app then check permission settings for mic in privacy settings. Microphone not working during call then your Mic is damage. Here are some tricks to solve this issue in iPhone 5 below.

How to Fix Microphone Problem In iPhone 5

First turn off noise cancelation in Accessibility settings menu.

Restart your iPhone 5 because some time this problem due to small bug and we can solve this issue by restarting the device.

Clean microphone hole with needle may be problem due to dust and dirt. Clean carefully don’t damage the mic inside phone body.

If problem not solved with all methods then this is hardware fault in your mobile motherboard or microphone damage. You need to disassemble your iPhone to check mic and mic points on motherboard. Disassemble mobile and check mic for damage and also mic lines carefully. Below in diagram main voice mic is marked just replace this mic with new one. Second mic full jumpers are traced with color lines. Observe diagram carefully and follow each step as shown in diagram.

iPhone 5 mic ways full jumper microphone not working solution

Try these tricks on your own risk we are not responsible for any damage during Phone Service. Other problems may creates during Cellphone Repair so follow each instruction carefully. If you are not success to solve microphone problem then take your mobile on Phone service center. 

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