Nokia 206 Lcd Light Problem Fixed


We can fix display light problem in Nokia mobiles easily with some simple tricks. If problem due to mobile settings then no need to disassemble mobile we can fix light problem by resetting mobile display settings or by reset mobile to its factory default settings. If problem is due to hardware fault then we have to disassemble mobile to find and fix the fault. Disassemble mobile and check mobile lcd strip. Then check hardware components that are responsible for LCD light. Trace all points with Multi Meter if any point damage then make jumper with good jumper wire that not short other components. Below in diagram all points are traced step wise follow the diagram and check each line on your cellphone motherboard carefully as shown in diagram.

Nokia 206 display light problem solution

The trick is checked many times by our experts. Just follow the diagram to solve display light problem in Nokia 206 cellphone. If your problem not solved comment below or send your motherboard high quality picture, we will try our best to assist you as soon as possible.

We are not responsible any damage and lose during mobile repairing. Try it your own risk.


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