Nokia Lumia 610C Touch Screen Problem Solution


Touch Screen is main part for any smartphone and tablets, if this part faulty then we cant’t use this gadget properly and we are unable to access any feature. If touch screen damage then only solution for this replacing touch screen with new one. Some time this problem occur due to bad connector of touch screen with mobile motherboard. Here we talk about Nokia Lumia 610c touch screen problem solution with some easy methods.

How To Fix Touch Screen Problem In Nokia Lumia 610c

  1. First restart mobile because some time mobile hang and we can fix this by restarting the mobile simply.
  2. Disassemble mobile and check touch screen connector for damage, if damage then change it.
  3. Changing connector is not easy so be care full and not damage points on motherboard and other components near connector.
  4. Also check touch screen by changing it with new touch screen.
  5. Here is Touch Screen Problem troubleshooting flowchart read and follow the instruction given in flowchart.lumia-610-touch-troubleshoot-286x300

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