Samsung-E1200T dead board repairing guide


Accidentally your handset Samsung-E1200T dead stop working. Did not power on and shorted. User could not use any service on their cell phone. Do not worry, Samsung-E1200T dead board repairing guide is here. It may help to find and fix Samsung-E1200T dead cell phone issue. With lot of tips and tricks i want share my knowledge with you today. Here in this post after a long experience in my life for the mobile repairing. I am going to share anything behind the dead Samsung-E1200T. Before going forward in the post reading. Please see this diagram for first shoot.


Samsung-E1200T dead solution.

In above diagram. There is a marked capacitor. By removing it user can get back their cell phone in working. But is is not a first or last solution. May be there are many other reason should run behind this issue. If your problem will not solved from the above diagram trick. Please read full post for complete post.

Troubleshoot more for the Samsung E-1200 T dead cell Phone.

Be a clip with mother board and see in lights. Check for the carbon or damaged part at the board. Before start any job. Clean board with carbon tetra cleaner (CTC). Be carefull during cleaning. Safe the cameras and mic location from the CTC. After cleaning board. Please check the USB and clean it. Many times i fix the  Samsung-E1200T dead issue from this place. After all services. There is no luck.

Now the time is turn for a software. It you have a access by pressing (Volume+/Power on key) or any reset mated you that you can. Reset of full flash your cell phone. Be care full during full flashing. Try the same files always for flashing your cell phone software. In condition of software issue. There will be a start up logo show on display. Some time start up logo is recurred and should not reach on the display. After full flashing, Servicing. There is no luck. Let we see for other ways.

Battery dead, Missing power connector, shorted USB jack are the common issues. But for the hardware repairing on the power section chip. There should be a extra heating on the power chip. In this condition the only one way. Replace a chip with new one if you are expert in repairing. The other trick may help you to fix for other reasons.

Samsung E1200T dead Fix.

Above all tricks are full fail. There is no luck. By conforming, Seen the display in torch lights. Connect the external power supply. See if there is some pixel. Try to connect charger. Check or change power button. My final thoughts at the end of all shooting. Normal or very high heat with hot air. Ask for the any lost parts or more injurer from the customer. With customer  side helping report you can start it.

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