Samsung G-531-F USB-C Sync & Charging problem


Let we fix the issue of, “Samsung G-531-F USB C-Sync & Charging problem” so easy. This issue comes from the broken USB connector, Faulty (USB/charging) chip and some other reasons. We are going to shoot every possible ways of fixing the issue of USB or charging connectivity.

Samsung G-531-F USB C-Sync & Charging

Samsung G-531-F USB-C Sync & Charging problem is the most common issue. Because this is the connection from USB connector to PCB(male/female) many times. There on the connector points the carbon or broken links are the major cause. These are one or more points. It depends on the condition of PCB. Some times the low level heating at replacing. The points should damaged.

Here in the PCB i am going to show you. How to make jumper direct on another point one by one. I have tested these jumpers at my lab. You can try at your own risk. See the image below how to fix the USB jack missing points with jumper wire.

how to series mobile repairing.

Following diagram may help to find and trace the missing point. Before start this job. Please conform the USB connector, Charger is working fine. You have no need to place all jumpers. Just trace the missing point only. Make a directly jumper with jumper wire. Be care full use the right tools for this job.


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