Samsung Galaxy E5 Speaker Problem Solution


Microphone and Speakers are most important part in Samsung Galaxy E5  for calling and recording. If one of them damage we can’t we can’t make and receive calls. Because microphone send our voice and speaker receive the voice. If other person don’t listen your voice during call then this is microphone problem. Also we can’t hear any thing in case of faulty Speaker. Some time this problem solved by restarting the device because if this fault creates due to bug in mobile software. But there are less chances that responsible for this. Mostly this fault occur due to faulty speaker or earpiece short due to water damage or some moisture  on motherboard. Hare are some methods to solve Samsung Galaxy E5 Speaker problem cellphone.

Samsung Galaxy E5 How To Fix Speaker Not Working Problem

Fist of all check cellphone volume key working properly or check speaker volume.

Check speaker points with multi meter, if these points don’t show any continuity then trace damage line and make jumpers like diagram below.Samsung Galaxy E5  speaker not working problem solution

Also check earpiece is working. If you problem not solved by following this diagram then contact us and tell the current situation you faced. We will try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible.

If you have any other issue with your Samsung Galaxy E5 then comment below your problem.


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