Samsung Galaxy J2 Sim Error No Sim Card Problem


Samsung Galaxy J2 Sim card error no sim problem may be occur due to sim jacket or ic damage. Insert sim card problem is big issue in smartphones, without sim card our phone is useless. Some time this problem creates due to bad sim card. Ninety percent this fault occur due to sim card jacket damage or broken pins inside sim car jacket. Here we will talk about Samsung Galaxy J2 insert sim problem.  If you want to fix this issue then first try some tricks before disassemble your mobile.

First check your Sim card or insert working Sim card.

Second check pins inside Sim card jacket if any pin disorder then correct this pin with tweezer.

If problem not solved then disassemble mobile and check mobile motherboard. Clean mobile circuit with electronics cleaner and apply normal heat. Some time this fault creates shortage in circuit and we can easily solve this by removing shortage. Check sim card points with multi meter if any point not give continuity then point damage or Sim IC damage. First try this diagram and apply jumper to damage point then replace IC.


Samsung Galaxy J2-insert-sim-ic-solution-jumper-problem-solution-diagram

If your problem still not solved then change Sim IC with new one or rehot the ic. This diagram is for Samsung S2 insert sim problem solution. Do not try this diagram for other models.

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