Samsung Grand Prime Charging Problem Solution


Charging parts in cellphone are most important things that charge our mobile battery with help of charger. If charging parts damage or stop working then we can’t charge mobile. There are many reasons that are responsible for charging problem like bad charger, damage charging port, charging IC damage etc, We can easily find the main fault by using step wise tricks. Some time mobile shows charging but battery remain empty or take more time to full compared to normal time. This fault is very common in Samsung Galaxy cell phones. Main reason for this fault is bad charging port that not pass the full current. We can easily solve this problem by cleaning charging port or by changing with new port. Some time we can solve this issue by cleaning port with cleaner. Here we talk about samsung Grand Prime charging issues. if you have charging problem like mobile not store charging and take many hours to full battery or charging shows on screen but battery remain empty, then this fault is easily be solved by cleaning charging port or by changing. In Samsung Grand Prime charging port soldered with motherboard.

How To Solve Charging Problem In Samsung Grand Prime

If your problem not solved by above tricks then check charging components on mobile motherboard. Check charging points as shown below in diagram, if any point brake then apply jumper from mobile motherboard to charging port.grand prime usb charging ways

Many cases are solved with these tricks that are mentioned in post, if your problem not solved then check charging IC or change carefully. Keep in mind changing charging not easy, use good quality paste and use normal heat to remove the ic from mobile motherboard.


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